Guest Mix #293
Venus Volcanism

Venus Volcanism is a vocalist,musician, and sound explorer from the island of Crete (GR) who is based in Iceland's northernmost town, Siglufjörður(IS), for over 2,5 years.

She has studied modern singing and she has attended traditional and polyphonic singing seminars. She is part of the Danish/ Greek duo “V.V.I.A.” along with In Atlas and she has also collaborated with various artists and bands from the Greek music scene like Coti.K, Man from Managra, Lepidoptera, and more. Her music projects have touched upon different genres while she is maneuvring between dark-wave, post punk, techno to ambient, traditional, polyphonic music and field recordings. Her first solo album “RIZITIKO” was released by Weaponise your sound/ Optimo in 2020. Other releases by Women of V.V.I.A., Natty Wombat Records, Phormix, Meta Moto, Vinylograph, JuneRecords, Echovolt.

Venus Volcanism's new album TISSUE, is out on November 24th by Submersion Records. Written and recorded just 32 miles south of the Arctic Circle, her second solo album "TISSUE" is a sound journey where nature’s sequences and structures are explored through field recordings, captured in her newly discovered Icelandic surroundings.

The term tissue derives from the Latinword texere, which means to weave. Throughout the album Venus intertwines repeating patterns of sound, consisting of ethereal vocals, synthesisers and slow arpeggios, with field recordings.

"TISSUE" is a sonic heterotopy, suspended between the tangible and surreal, where nature’s vibrations and cyclical patterns are woven into the artist’s introspective journey of coming to terms with her own scar tissue.

She has already released two singles of the album “Volcanic Eruption” and “Resuscitation’s Ostinato”. The second one had a premiere with a music video on Kaltblut Magazine.

Tune in tonight at 21:00 for Venus Volcanism's guest mix for Paranoise, which features some of her own music too. The mix will also become available on our mixcloud page.

Upcoming Events:

30/11 default presents Venus Volcanism: Tissuealbum release at KET (Athens)

7/12 Venus Volcanism presents Rizitiko andTissue for Rethimno Days at Tholos (Rethimno)

8/12 Venus Volcanism Live at Stoa 60(Heraklion)

9/12 Venus Volcanism Live at Ride (Chania)

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Venus Volcanism