PRNS 001

PRNS 001 is the first compilation of tracks produced by our residents.It is an exploratory trip into known and unknown territories that have been laid bare in our hearts and souls. The idea of a VA album has been scrambling around for long. When the time came to make it real, timing could have never been better. 2021 has been one of our most important years in radio output.

Through dissipating times, our collective consciousness and creativity were the means through which we communicated and supported each other.The compilation rallies the troops for a full spectrum coverage of styles, showcasing the best from the Greek electronic underground. The release brings together local talent from seriously diverse backgrounds into a coherent whole with a common aesthetic and vision radiating during the 124 minutes of its running time.No rules apply.

Oscillating vibes capture each artist’s dextrous style and the 24 tracks featured in the comp come into play for an abundant offering of buoyant electronics, percolated riddims, thumping techno, hyper-real braindance and enormous breaks.

Paranoise steps into a new era in good health and with a new experiment to soundtrack the future. Many of these tracks are very personal to the artists who generously contributed some of their best productions and made this VA a unique blend that will satisfy even the most demanding listeners.

+ Mastered by Azem in Zaumfield Studio

+ Cover design by Red

PRNS 001