Paranoisessesions Vol.4 @ Στέρεο

Paranoise sessions in Stereo Vol.4
Ο Απρίλιος τελειώνει και το μηνιαίο μας session πλησιάζει
Την τελευταία Κυριακή του μήνα, 28/04/2024 αυτή τη φορά από τις 17:00 και μέχρι το κλείσιμο...
Τα deck duties αναλαμβάνουν αυτή τη φορά οι residents:

~~ Simon Le Nick (aka Shy Nee) /\ J. Bunny \/ Satanakey /\ Jahnabet ~~

- Shy Nee -
Shy Nee is a veteran-skilled with a pro mindset Greek electronic musician, mixing and mastering engineer and radio producer. He has vast experience in audio/video engineering and has been creating audio content for soundtracks and theatrical shows, for the past 15 years. Notable mentions are collaborations with Plus Records, Music Kitchen, VIM Records, Liquid Drops & Jungle Drops labels. Since the early days in his career, he has been applying sonic wizardry in projects involving pre- and post-production, including TV shows and movies.

- J.Bunny -

J. Bunny started working as a DJ in 2015 in various nightclubs in Thessaloniki and so far has appeared in several bass music events and festivals.For the last three years she has been the main co-organizer of jungle massive events with guests from Greece and abroad.

- Satanakey -
Music digger, DJ, radio producer, musician. She mixes lost and found sounds from around the world, crossing genres and trying to narrate sonic stories. Or something like that.

- Jahnabet -
Jahnabet has been hosting the Irie Trip show for 10 years. Influenced by Soundsystem culture he started shows playing dubs using sirens and effects. In recent years, clearly influenced by the paranoise sound, he began to expand his musical taste, always keeping a dub aesthetic. Alongside the shows, he occasionally dusts off his vinyls at various bars and parties in the city.

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