Paranoisessesions Vol.3 @ Στέρεο

Paranoise sessions in Stereo Vol.3

Tο μηνιαίο μας ραντεβού στο Στέρεο συνεχίζεται!!
Ποικιλόμορφα sets από τις 19:00 και μέχρι το κλείσιμο...

by Daltonism Studio

Αυτή τη φορά στα decks με τυχαία σειρά...
~~ Loud Mouth /\ Niki \/ Adne /\ Gotanine ~~

- Loud Mouth -
Abel Simof is a DJ and event promoter. He’s been a radio producer for Super FM and 88.5 stations. He was also a member of the art and music groups d2 and lowdown in the late nineties and early 00's who embraced contemporary sounds based on hip hop, techno, drum n bass & UKG music genres and generally the bass culture of the British scene and beyond, intersecting with contemporary visual arts.

Expect Dub, Deep dubstep, Bass music

- Niki -
Niki is broadcasting her monthly show "Mixed Signals" for 4 years now, spreading, as the name suggests a multigenre vibe

Expect Experimental and Breaks

- Adne -
Adne is experimenting with lots of kinds of music to create what she calls 'sonic postcards' and evoke feelings of nostalgia for the past, futuristic dream-states and intense moments in the present.

Expect Electro and Breakbeats

- Gotanine -
Antigone Iliadi aka Gotanine is a seemingly humanoid multitasker and versatile being who occasionally also works on composing music for her films, and has tried her luck in experimental music projects with her very talented musicians friends, where she put her lyrics and voice in spoken word, experimental and avant garde forms.

"A sonic journey through vibrant beats and cultural fusion as the DJ seamlessly weaves together a tapestry of electronic rhythms, international melodies, soulful R&B grooves, and the spirited sounds of different genres of music, creating a kaleidoscope of musical diversity. "

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-- Paranoise Radio --

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