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Daddy Vertigo

The journey officially began in 2007 in Sitia Crete. A year later Andronikos (Daddy Vertigo) started his first radio show which lasts until today.

Over the years he entered the mentality of Dj set..Followed many Dj Sets in Greece with highlights participations in charitable events.All of these years blended various genres of music until and the finalmixture is based in Jamaican sounds..Υardie beats from Reggae Dub,Ragga,Hip Hop with a special preference in Digital sounds but also many influences from all around the Caribbean musical culture compose his sound..

Since 2017 and spending his second decade  has been experimenting on remixes with four releases for free download.In 2011 he created his own web radio ( and made many parties and concerts with big names of the Greek scene.In 2014 he joined the 101.5 radio mix for Guest Dj Zone until the beginning of 2016 and 2017 to 2019,his own show '' The Cranky Monkey '' was hosted on the Athenian Radio Milk and Chocolate.In 2019 the show changed home and is now hosted by Paranoise Radio (Thessaloniki) to this day.Founder of Gruppo del Este familia created in 2014.It's a family of passionate people with music.

A Djs collective that their mission is to ''stick'' their germ everywhere..In 2015 he made the dj duo of the ragga cakes named ''Ragga Muffins'' with Positive Vibes. In 2015,2016,2017,2018 and 2019 was hosted in Reggae Vibes Music Festival and shared the stage with names like : The Wailers,Krak In Dub,Dreadzone,Vibronics,Zion Train,Μad Professor,SKG'S Dub Alliance and MC's like Skarra Mucci, Earl 16,Madu Messenger, Mc Brother Culture,Mc Yinka,J Fyah and more.Has shared the booth/stage with names like: Anna Mystic,Professor Skank,Blend Mishkin,Big Shine,Dj Tzinas,Essen K,ThatStyle,Funkanizer,Digital Monk,CayetanoMc Sensee,Mr BiGK,Bass Delight and many more.

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Biweekly / 2nd and 4th Monday
18:00 - 20:00
Daddy Vertigo